40 Years Of Experience

With a legacy spanning four decades, Southern Corporate Packers has been a beacon of quality and dedication. Our journey, enriched by experience and fueled by passion, has shaped us into the prominent force we are today. From weathering challenges to cultivating partnerships, these 40 years have fortified our commitment to delivering nothing short of excellence.

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About SCP

Southern Corporate Packers is all about bringing you the best in fruits and vegetables. We’ve been on this journey for over 40 years, with a simple mission – to provide top-quality produce to your table.

Our story began in Ontario, Canada, where our founder, Brian Arrigo, embarked on an adventure that would redefine the produce industry. Starting with watermelons, we’ve grown to offer a variety of fruits and vegetables that capture the essence of fresh, wholesome goodness.

We’ve faced our fair share of challenges, like the memorable encounter with Hurricane Wilma, but every obstacle has only made us stronger. Through it all, we’ve remained committed to delivering the best, fostering partnerships, and making your meals just a little more delicious.

Southern Corporate Packers: Bringing Nature’s Best to Your Plate for Over 40 Years

Founder & CEO

What Our Clients Say And Think

Our customers’ experiences are at the heart of what we do. Discover the voices that celebrate the excellence Southern Corporate Packers delivers. From the remarkable flavors to the unwavering quality, their stories reflect the dedication and care we pour into every harvest. Explore their words and join the chorus of satisfied voices that celebrate the taste of nature’s best.

Why Choose Us

At Southern Corporate Packers, we stand apart as your trusted source for the finest produce. Our unwavering commitment to quality, backed by decades of experience, ensures that every bite you savor is a testament to nature’s goodness. From a diverse selection to resilient operations, we embody a legacy of excellence. Join us in celebrating the flavors of dedication, innovation, and uncompromising taste.

Uncompromising Quality: We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality produce, cultivated, packed, and shipped with meticulous care.

Variety and Freshness: Our diverse selection of fruits and vegetables ensures a range of flavors, while our commitment to freshness guarantees optimal taste and nutrition.

Resilience and Expertise: Our journey through challenges like Hurricane Wilma showcases our resilience and depth of experience, ensuring reliability and adaptability.

Full-Spectrum Service: From growing to shipping, we manage every stage, offering a comprehensive solution that guarantees superior produce and seamless experiences.

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